Ultrasonic Pest Repellers: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Ultrasonic Pest RepellersPests, insects, and rodents are a nuisance to many homesteads all over the world. A lot of research has been put in place to try and alleviate the challenges that come with these animals. There are a lot of health concerns that have been raised by health organization. The damage to property and vegetation is also a cause for concern. There are some pest repellants that are currently in the market. However, the repellant that you use will depend on the type of pest that you are trying to keep away from your home. Ultrasonic pest repellants have been used all over the world to serve the purpose. This article discusses ultrasonic pest repellers: What you need to know before buying.

Range of operation

Ultrasonic pest repellants can operate within a range of thirty feet radius beyond which the signal strength will have insignificant effects on the pests. The device can be placed on the couch, table or shelve where rodents like to hide. This will make their habitation uncomfortable forcing them to run to open areas where they cannot cause a nuisance to homesteads. The devices should be placed in hidden sections where the rodents may use as hiding areas from predators.


By now am sure you may be wondering how well do ultrasonic pest repellers work. Well, these repellents have been known to work effectively in keeping away rodents. However, there is no much evidence to show that these devices are effective on other types of pests. The devices also do not kill the rodents but keep them away from a given area. The rodents may come back when the device loses its power. This device is also known to cause some irritation to domestic animals and pets. The devices only work within the manufacturer’s designated range.

Frequency of operation

Ultrasonic frequencies are above twenty kilohertz which are beyond the hearing ability of the human ear. This means that a human beings may not be directly affected by the frequency. It affects rodents because they can hear up to a frequency of ninety kilohertz. Cats and dogs are affected because they can hear up to a frequency of sixty kilohertz.home pests


Studies have shown that rodents can become accustomed to high-frequency sounds and develop some form of resistance. However, the device can be used periodically to prevent this form of acclimatization. This is one of the shortcomings of using this mode of pest control.


High frequencies can be risky to both pets and human beings. The frequencies are known to cause neurological disorders and convulsions. It is advisable to go for commercial ultrasonic devices because the frequency ranges are within acceptable limits. However, ultrasonic repellants still rank high in environmental friendly pests control devices and also used to keep away birds from airport runways.

To have effective pest control, ultrasonic pest repellants can be used alongside other repellents such as sprays so that they can complement each other to do a complete job. There are some good organic pest controls that can be used together with the ultrasonic repellants to get rid of any form of pests, insect, and rodents from your homestead.