How To Automate Your Home And Enjoy The Security

Today, we live in a time like no any other. With day to day advancement in the technological field, life has become relatively easier. This is very fortunate bearing in mind the fast-paced lives most people lead. Recently, giant steps have been made in making homes more and more“techno-savvy.” In a nutshell, this means that you can run your home while far away from an electronic gadget such as an iPad or a Smartphone through GRS controls. In fact, automated homes can think on their own, and they have thus been labeled as being “smart,” Here are some exciting and amazing ways in which home automation system can benefit homeowners.home

Enhances safety through lighting control and appliance

Added safety is perhaps the biggest boon of home automation. With a smart home, you have the ability to control the lighting and small appliances just by a fingertip touch on a screen. Even if you’re far away, you can easily check whether the oven has been flipped off or not and whether your daughter turned off her curling iron before retiring to bed. Your home in general and your family, in particular, can also enjoy an enhanced safety measures by the ability to control the lights at home. This doesn’t only allow you to ensure that lights are off to save energy when you are gone, but also to turn them on at specified times. This makes it look as if you’re at home though you might be very far away. Thus helping in increasing security and safety of your home.

Intensifies awareness via security cameras

It’s true, we can’t just be everywhere at all the times or at once. This means one thing, that we’ll often miss some things that happen in our own homes. But this can be eliminated with a home automation system. The system allows you to see what’s happening at home even of you’re kilometers away. You can ensure that no unwelcome guests gained access to your cherished home. Security cameras also heighten the family safety by recording clips when any movement is detected at specified times of the day and night.

Temperature adjustment

smart phoneQuite often, many people leave for work early in the morning and return in the evening or late at night. During the winter season, the temperatures are quite low but higher in summer seasons. Should you forget to adjust the thermostat, chances are that you’ll come home to a house that’s severely cold or too hot. This can cause a big inconvenience since it takes quite some time for the household temperature to adjust appropriately. This problem can easily be eliminated bu automating a home. With home automation, you simply adjust the thermostat from wherever you are a few hours before driving home. Thus, automated home saves both the energy and is cost-effective. Smart homes capability helps you to stay on top of. It helps you to worry less about what you’ve left behind as you rush to accomplish your assignments.

Incredible convenience and saves money

Having your home automated will have a huge positive impact on your utility bill. With a smart home in place, there isn’t need to spend money on household appliances left behind in your family’s absence. You’ll also save enormously on gas costs, as you’ll never have to …

Five Essential Precautions You Should Take Against A House Fire

Five Essential Precautions You Should Take Against A House Fire

The deadly arm of fire can strike any place unannounced; your house is no exception. It is human tendency to lose our senses whenever a fire breaks out. Only experienced folks can calmly do all that is necessary. But this tendency should not prevent you from gaining knowledge about the dos and don’ts in such dangerous situations.

Here are five most essential precautions you should not fail to take against fire

Check your fire escape hatch regularly

fire exitImagine that a fire has broken out in your house. You fret, but keep your head in place, and rush towards the fire escape door. You unbolt it and pull it with all your might, but it doesn’t budge. You tug, tussle, kick, and even scream at it, all in vain. If only you had used the door on a regular basis, you would never have been faced with such a situation. All you need to do is simply open and close the door every day, which takes just about half a second. Half a second is nothing compared to running out of time in an emergency.

Conduct a home inspection especially for fire hazards

You can do this yourself if you have enough knowledge of all that is to be checked. Start with the kitchen, since fire is most likely to break out in that place. Scour the furnaces and the potential gas and electrical equipment for any inconsistency. If you are the one who cooks meals, don’t forget to turn the knob on the burner. Move on to the other rooms and check everything ranging from the fireplace to the insulation. Take care that the combustible materials are nowhere near the heat source. It would recommend visiting your local fire department’s fire prevention unit and see whether or not they conduct home inspections.

Important assets and belongings must be locked up in a fireproof safe

You don’t want to run back inside once you are out the door so that you can collect those important identification documents. The fear is understandable, and even if you are daring enough to rush back in, you are likely to get crushed under a falling ceiling. Life is obviously more important than anything else, but without the proof of your existence, you are as good as dead. So, it is better to keep all the relevant documents and assets that you don’t regularly use in a fire proof safe. Then, all you have to worry about is making an uneventful escape.

Go technology savvy, install smoke detectors

smoke detectorsBedrooms and living rooms call for smoke detectors these days, but apparently not the kitchen. So just install and forget about them? No! You need to get each smoke detector tested after the installation. They need to be checked on a regular basis, at least once a month. The batteries also need to be checked by simply pressing the test button. It is recommended to change the batteries at least once a year. All else will be taken care of.…